Word for the day “Just go to the Lord in Prayer”

Nehemiah 2:4 (NKJV) I prayed to the God of heaven.

There are several principals of interest to this prayer extended by leader and man of God Nehemiah. Do you ever feel like your life is not where you need it to be, or maybe you are not in the right position or place to get a prayer through to God?

First, notice the context of it. It is not a quiet bedroom, or a crowded church pew, or a walk along the quiet parts of town. Nehemiah prays to God in the middle of a conversation with his king! Nehemiah knew he needed to choose his words, and requests, well and so He renders a prayer to heaven even as he converses with his employer and ruler; and more important than that but God answers it! Remember today’s insight the next time you think you are not in the proper place in your life to ask God for help, or direction, or protection.

Notice to whom Nehemiah prays. He prays to the God! While living in a pagan land, surrounded by idolatry and hedonism, Nehemiah clings tenaciously to the one true and living God. Likewise, countless counterfeits are offered for true relationship today, many of them just reworking age-old Eastern paganism. Many times we are in environments that do not uphold our spiritual walk, but you can still Pray to the Lord.

But remember this lesson from Nehemiah: there are millions of gods to which you can pray, but only one God Who answers what we need for our lives and those we lift up in prayer. And this God is the God of heaven. The Lord not only answers prayer, but has the strength to fulfill needs, move hearts, change circumstances, and forgive sins. Only the God of heaven, who rules sovereignly over earth, is worth praying to.

Last, and just as important, we notice that Nehemiah says it was I who prayed. He did not rely on his parents, or prophets, or anyone else’s religion. He personally pursued the God from whom he hoped to receive answers and Nehemiah did get the answers he needed!

Point to ponder- Have you prayed to the God of heaven today? You are never in the wrong position or place to pray, and God is never too busy to hear and answer your sincere prayers extended.

Quote – Prayer changes us, prayer does not change God!
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Kingdom Blessings,
Pastor James Baker, Jr.
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